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Understand How Credit Reports Work

Our credit repair specialist understands how credit reports work, so our solutions are tailored to restore your credit one trade line at a time. Trans Union, Equifax and Experian are the “Big Three” credit agencies that calculate credit scores and record payment histories. More than ever creditors and lending underwriters are using credit scores to determine an approval or a denial, as well as how much credit will be awarded at what rate of interest.

Our credit repair program increases your credit score by helping you identify errors and derogatory accounts that caused your credit scores to drop to a costly level. In most cases, credit scores vary significantly because one or more of the credit bureaus were unable to catch the errors transmitted in the reporting phase.

How does a credit score affect you financially?

First and foremost it affects your qualification. Even if you do get approved with credit extended to you, in most cases the interest rates will be higher and the terms less favorable than they would be if your credit score was higher. Accepting higher interest rates for home loans and credit cards from errors on your credit report is like throwing money in the trash. We have seen countless homeowners pay thousands of dollars extra each year because they don’t bother getting their credit repaired.