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About Credit Repair United

About Credit Repair United

Credit Repair United has assembled an experienced team who understands how to repair credit quickly and cost effectively. Our company was founded in 1999 with a goal to help consumers repair their credit faster. We noticed a trend of people being turned down more frequently when they applied for credit or loans.

Our research also showed that consumers were charged higher interest rates if they had any blemishes on their credit report. In some cases we saw borrowers paying thousands of dollars more each a year in interest because of errors on their credit report. We saw this as an opportunity to provide a service that help meet the demand of our increasingly credit driven economy. Almost a decade has passed since then and we have been blessed to help thousands of American repair their credit fast and easy.

With our experience and result driven data, we are now ranked as one of the best credit repair companies online. Customer service has been a top priority since day one here at Credit Repair United and today our main concern remains client focused. Credit Repair United assembled a team of experienced credit repair specialists who understand the laws and how the creditors and credit repositories work. Our company is committed to helping you achieve your goals of rectified credit reports, higher credit scores and lower interest rates.

Credit Repair United offers the following guarantees:

  • Professional Company with Experience
  • Automated Credit Repair System
  • 24-7 Credit Monitoring Available
  • Cancel Anytime with No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • No Hidden Fees